Ladies of Distinction

What is a Lady of Distinction? It is a lady who displays the character of excellence, respect, virtue, success, right choices, gentle yet bold, strong yet humble, celebrating the lady within.

We will be holding our meetings once/twice a month. Each meeting we will discuss the challenges that today’s young lady faces, resisting what society dictates we should be and becoming more of who we know we are, Ladies of Distinction.

Distinction is defined as something that is remarkably different. Why try to be the same as others, when clearly you were created for distinction!

We will be having workshops, including Chef Barrett from Hell’s Kitchen will be doing a cooking demo, and Prof Jaqueline Gaffney from Hunter College, will be doing a dance workshop. Also, our annual Black & White Ball, discussions, & participating in some of the school functions.

You, Lady of Distinction are expected to excel in your academics and make right social choices.

We are honored to have National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Long Island Chapter to sponsor us, in addition to conducting some of our workshops.

Meetings will be held on Thursdays as scheduled.